Patent Pending

Don’t Waste Your Space!

Designed for 90-96 gallon residential curbside trash cans

The Porta-Pactor is a battery powered portable trash compactor. It is a one of a kind patented designed product that will truly amaze you with its ability to create more space in your residential curbside pickup can. On average you will be able to add 5 to 6 more bags on top of your normal usage. It is fabricated from both steel and aluminum which makes the total weight of the entire device under 10 lbs. It has 220 lbs. of crush force that will compact a distance of 12 – 14 inches with a speed of nearly a half an inch per second. The Porta-Pactor comes with a 12-volt battery charger in the box to use when needed. The device is not water proof and should be stored inside. Take a look at our video to see the Porta-Pactor in action.

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